The main idea of website named Mahakal- Master Of Universe is to share Spiritual Viraags, Sankirtans, Divine Kriyas, Teachings, Important Mantras/Arties and Prayers for raising the sole consiousness and to attain a healthy and happy life full of Ananda.

1. Spiritual Virags: Are about all kind of Gods and Goddess such as Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Hari, Sai, Hanuman ji, and all devies.


2. Spiritual Sanskirtans: Spiritual Sanskirtans are mostly from the holy Temples during the group tours.


3. Divine Kriyas: We feel that the whole world is vibrating with the Divine vibrations of Shiva and Ma Durga so to get the grace of these vibrations we must do certain Divine Kriyas to keep our body disease free, healthy and on vibration mode, because once the body cells are vibrating only then they can establish link with these higher vibrations of Shiv and Parvati- which is the Real Aim of human life.


4. Teachings: Website is also providing very healpful teachings which are very useful to improve day to day life and bring it on celebrations mode.


5. Mantras: Website will be also providing very useful and helpful Mantras to remove the soul and Physical Blockages from the body so as to make it healthy and happy one.


6. Prayers and Good Wishes: Website will also be providing to its members different kind of Prayers and Good wishes on ocassion of Birthday, Festivals, respect and regards to famous personalities.

7. Arties: Website will be posting all kind of important Arties on its Arties category.


8. Soul & Healing: Its link with god and human souls